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Caer Avallach Farm LLC is a private facility located in Southbury, Connecticut, committed to building a first quality breeding program of crossbred ponies destined for a future in the hunter and sport pony rings. Our vision of the perfect pony is one that possesses superior athletic ability to shine in the show ring, the conformation reflecting the sport pony style, and the personality to become a child's best friend.

An integral aspect of our philospophy in breeding ponies is that temperament should supercede all else. Ponies should be well behaved and possess a strong willingness to please and be kid-friendly. A pony that has this trait, no matter what it's looks or physical ability, will always in our mind have a home. This is the basis of everything we look for in our ultimate pony.

Because we are a privately owned farm, our breeding program is purposefully kept small. This ensures a quality, hands-on approach to raising each youngster. Each foal is special to us, so to begin with is imprinted at birth, then provided from day one with a routine that includes daily grooming, training to lead, clip, pick up feet, trailer, and bathe in a wash stall. These activities are all a necessary part of being an adult pony, and we feel that introducing them from this young age makes a safe youngster that any child can handle.

We invite you to "virtually tour" our farm through this web site, which we will be updating regularly to show happenings and news. We welcome all email and would be happy to send you more information if you are interested in breeding to our stallion or in purchasing one of our family foals. Thanks for visiting us!

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