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Avallach's Coco Chanel with
owner Gia Sarkis at their
first show at Shallowbrook.

September 26, 2010 - Wahoo! Huge congratulations to Gia Sarkis and Avallach's Coco Chanel (formally known as Avallach's Whiskey Lullaby "Lily") on their first show together! Gia and Chanel attended the Shallowbrook horse show today with Genesis Farm and brought home the blue ribbon!

Gia has owned Chanel since December 2009 when she purchased her as a green 4-year old so Gia has worked very hard to bring this pony along. The pair trains with Tiffany Bianco of Genesis Farm in Enfield, CT.

The two make an exceptional pair and I do believe we'll be hearing about a lot of "blues" in their future! Thank you to Heather Ward for sending us some fabulous photos of the day!

Avallach's Shot Glass with new owner
Bella Susi at Fox Crossing Equestrian Center

September 2010 - We are thrilled to congratulate Bella Susi on her recent purchase of Avallach's Shot Glass (Avallach's Irish Whiskey x Mati) and even more excited to report that he will be trained by Loren Salerno and boarded at Fox Crossing Equestrian Center in Morris, CT. Loren also happens to be our trainer so we will be able to see Shot Glass often. I could not have wished for a more perfect home and young lady for him to call his own. Bella is a talented young rider moving off her small pony and has an outstanding job with Shot Glass already! I am sure we'll be posting often of these two and their successes.

Avallach's Heir Apparent sporting
her first blue ribbon

September 2010 - I am so happy to share my first show photo with my beautiful filly, Latte, whose official name has just been changed to Avallach's Heir Apparent to reflect her new role here at Caer Avallach Farm. After losing both her dam, Woodlands Maggie Mae, and her sire, Avallach's Irish Whiskey, it became very clear to me that this mare is very special to me. She embodies the best attributes of both parents and has proven to be an outstanding prospect in her own right. We attended our first show at Fox Crossing Equestrian Center and I am thrilled to share this photo of us taken by Venessa Champagne sporting her blue ribbon! I would like to thank Loren Salerno for all her help in bringing this filly along and I hope to share more as we begin to show this fall.

Summer 2010 The summer of 2010 has been a time of reflection for us and as we try to reimagine what the "new" farm will be like, we have had some amazing things happen that we really feel we should share.

Avallach's Heir Apparent ("Latte")
on her first trip off the farm to
Fox Crossing Equestrian Center

Whiskey will never be forgotten and I am reminded of this everyday as I work with his daughter, Avallach's Heir Apparent ("Latte"). She is being retained by the farm and will begin her show career this fall. She is so like him in many ways but also carries with her the genes of a fabulous dam, Woodlands Maggie Mae, who gave us so many wonderful ponies before she passed away in 2007. I look forward to posting news of Latte's success both here and on our Facebook page. She is a lovely, lovely mare and I am so excited to have her in the barn.

Elsie trotting through poles
with Elyse Lasser (July 2010)

This summer we have also been working with our OTTB "Elsie" (purchased with the help of CANTER from Suffolk Downs) as she continues to develop in her post-racing life. Elsie has shown herself to be an incredibly sweet mare who loves attention. We are currently working on building Elsie's fitness level and strength and have been very happy with her progress. She has started jumping small cross rails and seems to be game to jump!

We want to thank Elyse Lasser for her help in bringing Elsie along this summer!

5-3-2010 We are very saddened to announce to untimely loss of our dear Avallach's Irish Whiskey. More on our stallion page ..





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